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Wide range of Premium Quality 12 Volt Refrigerator Models at my12voltstore.com

Your one-stop shop for 12 volt appliances and accessories, my12voltstore.com supplies a wide range of premium quality 12 volt refrigerators from top manufacturers.

The energy efficient and environment-friendly 12 volt refrigerators are a great way to save on your electricity bills. Besides households and the boating and RV industry, the gadget is widely used by medical, fire and rescue teams to store vaccines and medicines. The 12 volt refrigerators we supply include versatile models from leading brands such as Koolatron, Igloo and Engel.

Available in various models and capacities, the 100% CFC-free 12 volt refrigerators in our inventory are specially featured for high quality performance and durability. They can be recharged using solar and wind power, fuel cells or batteries. Some models have a door in front, while others are light, compact and portable, and come with a top cover and convenient carry handles.

We offer four popular models of the Engel 12 Volt refrigerators that feature thermostat control and an energy efficient swing compressor. If you are on the look out for a premium AC/DC refrigerator, then Koolatron’s 12 volt hybrid heat pipe thermoelectric refrigerator would be an ideal choice. This product features a reversible brushed steel look door, adjustable temperature control, and more. And if you want go iceless when you’re traveling, choose a 12 V cooler from Igloo that can be plugged into even vehicle cigarette lighter.

Check out the great value-for-money products at our store, and benefit from competitive prices, convenient shipping options and prompt customer support service. We've made it easy for you to place orders online with www.my12voltstore.com. All orders over $99 qualify for free shipping within the continental US.

About Hebron Consumer Products

Owned and managed by Hebron Consumer Products (HCP Corp), my12voltstore.com is an online shop offering volt products and 12 volt appliances. Headquartered in Chicago, USA, the company is dedicated to providing high quality consumer products directly to the consumer. We are an authorized dealer for brands such as Roadpro, Engel, Rand McNally, Kooltron, Skyworth amongst others. For more information, call 877-432-7660. XXACYA32PPEZ

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buy 12 Volt TVs for your Entertainment Needs

A portable 12V TV in your vehicle keeps you tuned to your favorite TV shows and makes your long distance road trips a pleasure. With their stylish and space-saving design, these portable gadgets are a great entertainment option to have around whether you’re on a caravan, boat, truck, RV or motor home. Leading online store my12voltstore.com is now offering fully featured 12 volt TVs at very affordable prices. So why put your entertainment needs in the back seat when you’re on a trip? Grab a portable LCD digital TV and enjoy yourself!

Light and compact, 12 volt television sets can be easily accommodated on a cabinet or even wall mounted in your vehicle or boat. Portable LCD digital TV sets come with superior signal reception capabilities, up to 22” screen width, and outstanding picture and sound quality. Impressive features of an advanced 12 volt flat screen TV include:

· Built-in DVD Player

· Built-in Digital Tuner

· High Resolution (for instance, 1680 x 1050)

· Separate Bass, Treble and Balance Controls

· Sleep Timer Function

· Multi Language On Screen Display

· Full Function Remote Control

The authorized online retailer for many top brands such as Skyworth, Lasonic, Haier, Majestic, Pyle, Supersonic, Jensen and Naxa, my12voltstore offers 12 volt TVs at

very competitive prices. Besides great value for money, you get the advantage of convenient shipping and payment options and prompt customer support service when you shop here.

To place an online order for a 12 volt LCD TV or get professional advice on 12 volt TVs to meet your entertainment needs, please contact our customer service representative at 1-877-432-7660 (toll free). Our website www.my12voltstore.com is a one-stop shop for a wide range of 12 volt appliances and accessories.

About Hebron Consumer Products

Hebron Consumer Products (HCP Corp), the leading company headquartered in Chicago USA, is committed to provide high quality 12 Volt appliances and consumer products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our online electronic store http://www.my12voltstore.com features a wide range of products including 12 volt TVs, GPS for trucks, 12 volt water heaters, 12 volt refrigerators, and much more. Efficiently supported by expert product specialists and customer advocacy teams, we go all out to provide the best products at affordable prices as well as excellent customer service.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choosing the Right GPS System for Trucks

GPS system should be a portable and one that offers good quality reception in almost all settings and locations mapped into it

Vehicular GPS systems have made life a lot easier for people who need to travel long distances on unfamiliar routes. Commercial GPS systems are designed to meet the needs of truckers. To choose the right GPS system for their trucks, drivers have to ensure that the unit includes all the features necessary to make their road trips safe, easy and economical.

The Right GPS System for Trucks – Factors to Consider

Ideally, the GPS system you choose for your truck should be a portable and one that offers good quality reception in almost all settings and locations mapped into it. Modern GPS systems come with a wide range of versatile and user-friendly features. Some of the important points you should keep in mind when investing in the GPS system for your truck are:

· Automatic routing, rerouting and turn-by-turn navigation

· Facility to add unlimited waypoints

· Flexible mapping – facility to import maps if more extensive mapping is needed than that which is already on the system

· Long-life battery and recharge capability

· Screen size that offers clear and easy viewing

· Advanced tracking system so that fleet owner can keep track of the exact location of the vehicle – useful during emergencies and accidents

· Multi-destination routing – for those with many destinations to cover, this time-saving feature will automatically calculate the optimal route to get to the location as well as provide turn-by-turn directions to all

· Price – in terms of features offered.

Compare Different Models

Before you invest in a GPS system for your commercial vehicle, compare the different models available in the market. Online stores are good places to shop as they stock reputable brands of GPS systems for trucks like Cobra, Delph, Garmin, Pioneer, Rand McNally, PC Miler, Goodyear, Roadmax, and WorldNav. Consider cost and features of the device as well as your needs to choose the right GPS system for your truck.

12 Volt TV - Great for RVs, Trucks and Boats

The best way to catch up on your favorite shows when you are on the road is to get a 12 volt TV. Great for RVs, trucks and boats, they are portable, space-saving and easily installed.

Premium Features

Screen sizes range from 7 inches to 22 inches. The 12 volt television is easily accommodated on a shelf in a truck or a cabinet in a boat or RV. Most models can be wall mounted too. Designed for mobile use, these sets are highly sensitive so as to ensure good reception wherever you are. The standard features of popular LCD TV with DVD models are:

  • Selectable screen mode
  • Channel auto scan
  • Multi-language onscreen display
  • Anti-scratch and anti-glare screen
  • Water resistant
  • Built-in top quality speakers
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts several hours
  • Jacks for audio/video input, external antenna and earphones
  • Detachable portable TV stand
  • Facility to connect Internet cards
  • Vertical swivel table stand

Many Models to Choose From

Most brands include accessories like remote control, AC adapter that can be plugged into any 12 volt outlet, DC cord, and instruction manual. As the 12 volt television can work on AC 110V or DC 12V, you can save onboard power by connecting your 12 V television to shore power when it is available. It is also necessary to connect sets with 12 volt DC input to a 12 volt battery with a regulator. 12 volt TV brands that are making waves include Nanov, Lasonic, Supersonic, Naxa, Skyworth and Jenson. If you invest in a mobile satellite TV antenna along with your portable 12 V TV, you would get hundreds of digital TV channels and radio stations.

Buying your 12 volt television from a reliable online store is a good idea. They have a wide range of models and you’re assured of competitive prices and warranty. Moreover, many dealers even offer free shipping.

Friday, December 31, 2010

12 Volt Heater - Portable and Easy to Use

With winter round the corner, there is no time like now to invest in a good quality 12 volt heater for your motor vehicle. Portable and easy to use, this 12 volt appliance keeps you warm and comfortable when you are traveling in inclement weather. Premium models save fuel, reduce pollution and stay warm even when the car engine is not running.

Compact and User-friendly

The 12V cab heater is compact and can easily sit on the dashboard of the vehicle. All you have to do to turn on the heat is simply plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket. It works on the car battery and heats up the interior of the vehicle and defogs windows instantly. Some 12V heater models have a fan with a swivel stand and adjustable speed to keep you cool in warm weather. Efficient devices also have battery guards that suspend power to all 12V items when the battery level is low.

Some of the standard features of premium12 V heater models include:

• Powerful amp heating element
• Heavy-duty, long life motor
• Sturdy construction to withstand rough use
• Slim design for easy storage
• Adjustable thermostat to maintain desired temperature
• Windshield defrost capacity
• Rotating base to direct heat where needed
• Mounting studs and water hose connections
• Power cord to provide warmth to passengers in the back seat

Buy a 12 V Heater to Suit your Specific Needs

When investing in a 12 volt heater, make sure to choose a model that suits you specific needs. A DC thermal heater can run for hours limited only by the power capability of the vehicle it is installed in. The size and amperage of the heater should also be considered. DC thermal heaters have a long life and are designed to eliminate damage to the element from excessive vibration. Some models come with reflector plates to direct the heat out while using very little energy.

Portable and easy to use models of 12 volt heaters of brands like Maradyne, Roadpro, Koolatron, Power Hunt, Tracker and Rally are available in all leading online 12 volt stores.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Koolatron - Fun-Kool 26 Quart 12-Volt Thermo-Electric Cooler

Koolatron Fun-Kool 26 Quart 12-Volt Thermo-Electric Cooler
Brand Koolatron
Item # P-25

Description Fun-Kool 26 Quart 12-Volt Thermo-Electric Cooler

UPC# 0 59586 50900 1

Price 80.00

Inventory Elizabethtown PA - 353

Salt Lake City UT - 238
Main Features

* Functions as a Cooler Only
* All the Works and Venting are In One Portion of the Lid
* Flip-Up Locking Handle
* Removable Lid
* Cord Storage Compartment
* Powers from 12-Volt Outlet
* AC Adapter Optional for Use at 110-Volts
* Cools to 20°C (36°F) Below Ambient Temp.
* Capacity: 31 - 355ml (12 oz.) Cans
* 24L (26 qts.)
* Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 17.25" x 16" x 11.5" (438 x 406 x 292mm), Weight : 4.9 kg (11 lbs)

* Model: HCP/Koolatron/P-25


Brand Koolatron
Item # P-27WH


UPC# 0 59586 50270 5

Price 117.00

Inventory Elizabethtown PA - 13

Salt Lake City UT - 0